Dahdi & Dahdi tools

Forgive me if this is a dumb question but, I’m trying to install Asterisk for the first time…

I know that Dahdi gets compiled BEFORE Asterisk gets compiled but, what about Dahdi Tools?

Do I compile them before or after Dahdi and/or Asterisk?

I would get dahdi-linux-complete* then compile that before Asterisk
dahdi-linux-complete is both dahdi packages together.


THANKS! I didn’t see that one on the download page but I did find it.

How about the libiax… Do I need it or does Asterisk have it built in?

are you going to use IAX2?

I want the option of SIP or IAX2…

You don’t need libiax unless you are compiling or using a 3rd party iax application that uses it. Asterisk has it built in.