Dahdi behavior after kernel updates

Hello everyone.

After kernel updates on CentOS 6.5 (x86_64) dahdi framework can’t load in new kernel module.
For quickly start dahdi I need re-compile dahdi with new kernel.

How can I do it automatically?

I need to write a blog post about this or something, but just recently ( we added a default DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) helper script to dahdi_build tools.

Install dkms (on CentOS you can setup the rpmforge package, or install from source at linux.dell.com/dkms).

Then in the top of dahdi-linux tree:

$ make clean && make && build_tools/dkms-helper add

Then whenever the kernel is updated, dahdi will be recompiled.

Keep in mind that sometimes RHEL will make changes to the kernel that aren’t compatible with DAHDI until DAHDI is updated. If this happens you may still have problems. In an abundance of caution I recommend preventing kernel from auto updating via yum. If you run the kernel update by hand you can ensure that you only boot into a kernel with a good version of DAHDI compiled for it. DKMS still automates this process for you though.

Thanks for your reply.

I updated my dahdi version to 2.8.0 but when dahdi has started I saw some message like this “Missing ‘/sys/bus/astribanks/drivers/xppdrv/sync’”. After that dahdi loaded and works perfectly.