D80 not loading Contacts or Favorites?

We have a switchvox system and we have some issues with the D80 phones.

All of the D80 phones had stopped opening the contacts list and the favorites page.

I did an update to 7.3.1 and it did not resolve the issue, instead all of the D80 phones dropped off completely. I was able to get them to reconnect but none are able to open their contacts or favorites page.

The issue plaguing these phone started with timeout to proxy servers on startup.

Is anyone aware of firmware problems with the D80 series?

Edit: I also tried factory resetting one of the phones. It made no difference. It eventually reconnected.
The phones are on the same subnet as the switchvox server (no routing getting in the way.)

When you press the favorites button, it gets stuck at a “Loading favorites…” page and sits there indefinitely. The contacts page simply shows no contacts.

Side note: we have 100+ D6x phones and they are all fine! So I doubt the server is the problem here.

So, in case someone else has this problem.

The D80 is incredibly buggy. Not only does it not pull info correctly from LLDP, you apparently can’t use static IPs with this device. This is one of our main phones and thus was set to a static IP so it doesn’t rely on other infrastructure to be online.

I created a small DHCP pool of 2 IPs, reconfigured the phone to DHCP and now it is loading the favorites and contacts screens again.

Firmware bug?

(We do have support but apparently I can’t create a ticket directly. I don’t want to involve the company who installed it due to cost.)

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