D70 / IVR Issue


I have set up an IVR and when i press 1 everything works fine…on some phones…

we have 20+ D70 phones now and on some it works fine – on others as if the system doesn’t get the DTMF from these phones.

all age configured via dpms and all on latest firmware… any ideas ?


Not enough information to hazard a guess. The phones all transmit RFC 2833 only for DTMF. You should probably try contacting our Support department (www.digium.com/support) directly, and running it down with them.

in case someone stumbles upon this.

upon server reboot apache didn’t start - and that had some bad side effects

start apache - reconfigure the phones - all is good

remember to set apache to autostart - or have the config files, sound files etc availabel on another web server