D70 and SLA button


i did some forum searchign and i coudn’t find a relevant post

i am trying to set up the SLA but i am hitting a road block when trying to figure out what the line button on the phone should be set up to

i am following https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Basic+SLA+Configuration+Example

in that case, in res_digium_phones.conf what do i set the line = to ?

lines for phone types in res_digium_phone point to SIP peers on the local box as defined by type=line or to SIP peers on remote (or technically you could do local) systems as defined by type=external_line

in the example above there is no type=line

further more, it is a dahdi device i am trying to get SLA for

Right, you asked what the options where for the line type in res_digium_phone.conf. It’s local or remote SIP entities.

so how do i go about adding the DAHDI SLA on the D70 ?


I don’t mess around with the DAHDI SLA stuffs.

Likely, your first line key will have to be a legit SIP peer on the local system. Beyond that, you’re probably mapping contacts with hints to the remaining keys you want to act as “SLA” keys.