D-Link DG-104S

Does anyone here have some experience with the DG-104S, a four-port station gateway running MGCP? I can call a phone connected to the gateway, but when I want to make an outgoing call, I just get dial tone, the DTMF seem to be ignored and in the telnet console of the gateway I get the message “DIM: tone off TCID 0 has no DSP”.

After hours of googling the DG-104 and the hardware identical Clarent CPG-101, and after many useless configuration changes I tried something easy: swapping the phone. Now it works fine. :blush:

It seems that the DTMF generated by the first phone isn’t loud enough to be recognized. However, this phone does work well on the PSTN.

Even with the good phone I get the same message whenever I pick up the phone and go back on hook without dialing. To me the “TCID has no DSP” part sounded like a configuration problem or a broken DSP, but apparently it isn’t. At least not in this case. :unamused: