Customer wants system to work like his Avaya did


I have just moved my customer from Avaya to Asterisk.

Although he has a load more features and functionality, he is missing one feature.

He wants to be able to login and logout of the system. When logged in (from any extension), he want to receive calls there but also, when logged out, he wants a full outgoing call restriction.

I believe I can get the ‘sit anywhere’ feature to work buy having him login as an agent and receive calls at current extension using exten => _1X,1,Dial(Agent/${EXTEN},300,t). His telephone directory will list his agent number rather than his extension number.

But what would be your recommendation for a way to restrict calls when ‘logged out’

Thanks for your assistance.


Hi all,

No ideas for this one?

The closest I can think of is to create an extension that writes a value to the database, when if set, any outbound call will goto busy tones. I can dial the same short code to disable on input of a PIN.

Can you think of a better way to achieve this?