Customer Notification

We are a company that services customers computers. I was wondering if there is a module that we can use to notify customers that their computers is done. Our point of sale system is mysql based and it would be nice to have the phone system check at a certain time to see who needs to be called and when then call them with a pre-recorded message telling them that there computer is done and yada yada yada. Is this available yet?

This sort of thing would normally be done as an end user customisation (using some combination of dialplan, call files, and AMI), or as part of a much larger CRM system. It is not something that I would expect to find as part of Asterisk itself.

I didn’t think it would be built into asterisk but as an add-on or a piece of software I could tie into my phone system.

I dont know of a specific addon as such. there are some full scale dial out solution like newfies dialer or goautodial but that may be using a hammer to kill a fly…

it shouldnt be too hard to write a quick bash script to pullout numbers to be called and generating appropriate outgoing call files for asterisk.


You can do this easily with the PHPAGI class.