Custom voicemail greetings do not save

Has anyone ever had this problem. I recorded my busy and unavl message and saved it. When I call my extension it plays the default. Has anyone ever seen this before? any ideas? I am running the latest version of * 1.2.12 i belive it is. My os is centos 4.4


can anyone help me with this? to clear up what i said before. I recorded my greeting

eg. Hello this is the king… blah blah and saved it

when i call my voicemail and does not play what i just saved.

Please help!.

if you go back into voicemailmain menu and tell it to play your msg, does the msg play?

when you record the msg do you get any CLI output?

when a call comes in do you get any CLI output?

yes I do on all three!.

i meant if you get CLI output, post it…

never mind i got it after doing this


Godbless the wiki!