Custom ring or add to callerid on polycom phone

I currently have an asterisk appliance running at a small community pharmacy. Right now I have a simple menu setup that routes calls to either the grill (which a part of the pharmacy) or to the actual pharmacy. What I would like to do is add an additional prompt that will ask the caller if they are a customer or a doctor’s office. Then I would like to add to the callerid’s in the pharmacy (about 8 phones in the ring group) to show on the display whether the call is from a customer or a doctor. But, I would also like to retain the callerid information that it currently has when a call comes in. Is there a way to add this information to the end of the caller id, or even a distinctive ringtone on the phones depending which ring group it goes through? The phones are polycom 550’s


You can add the code entered by the customer to the caller id, here is an example:


Not tested but it should work.


Marco Bruni