Custom MusicOnHold

Hi everyone,
I’ve created a custom MusicOnHold class to run a shell script to play from sound card with arecord in Ubuntu.
Everything is ok and use it as MusicOnHold for dial command …
Asterisk log show start of MusicOnHold and after answering the call show stop of MusicOnHold.
BUT at the background by stopping of MusicOnHold, the process of shell script is still running and not killed.

How can I kill that process from asterisk view?

I suggest you give us some details, such as how is your MoH class defined, and
what is the script?


My class is


And my script is

/usr/bin/arecord -q -c 1 -r 8000 --buffer-size=2048 -f S16_LE -t raw

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