Custom Header in Asterisk Events

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to develop a live calls monitoring panel for a multi-tenant environment where all the customers will be able to see calls of their own assigned queues and extensions calls only(inbound and outbound calls), not of others.
I am using PAMI( Library) to receive events from asterisk and filter them and send them to the connected customer’s browser if the particular customer’s browser is listening for the events.

I am open to any suggestions to achieve this thing in any better way.

Now here comes the question.

If there is anyway in dialplan to add a custom header in any event we wish, to add some addition information.

For an example,

Event: DeviceStateChange
Privilege: call,all
Device: SIP/example
UserID: 1234 <=============== Like this one.

No, such functionality does not exist.

Thanks Jcolp for your quick response. It’s really appreciated.

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