CTI Asterisk

Is there any reliable CTI created and configured for Asterisk plataform?
what experience do you have with CTI in a Asterisk enviroment?

Thanks for the help


What kind of CTI functionality are you looking for specifically? for what kind of phones?

I am thinking in Call Center funtions, like predictive dialing, progresive dialing, script creation for the agent answers, integration with Oracle database,…all what i think is CTI.
The kind of phones suitable will be Ip Softphones because with CTI normally you don´t need a real phone.


CTI is a bit wider than you seem to think. but anyway, have you looked a vicidial ??


VICIDIAL does everything you want except integrate with Oracle, it is MySQL-based. We’ve used it for over 2 years in our call centers and it is very flexible and works great. As for phones you can use IAX or SIP softphones or hardphones with it.