CRM, where do I start?


I am very new to asterisk and want to build a simple function to do a little integration with our database where I can have a DYNAMIC extension/ring group. Basically we have roaming agents that manage accounts (sometimes 1 agent and sometimes 20 agents handle one account). Basically, the end result will be an extension on the phone that allows an operator or IVR to simply transfer to those agents which is determined at the time of call by a simple sql query that references the account and Agent/s that handle. I can create a function pretty easily that can create the text based dial plan or whatever is needed, but just not sure the proper steps to integrate with asterisk to call that function and use the results.

I don’t know where to start… Any help on how to get asterisk to call those functions would be great… Basically I know nothing:) If someone can point me or supply me with where to start to get more familiar with customizing asterisk in a proper way ( I really don’t want to start screwing around modify the original source in any way, I just want to add on the new functionality), I’d def appriciate.

Thanks in advance

turns out the information I needed was right in the asterisk manual… Who would have thought :smile: All I needed to do was call an agi script , which I can write in the language of my choosing. Then just dump it to asterisk. So I did a simple mysql call in php then just create he text string I need to asterisk.