Create own IVR voices

Maybe someone will be interested in Google’s ability to generate sound files.

Minimum Git and Python skills required


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I also solved the talking clock problem ( Speaking clock doesn't work )

  1. install git
  2. download the archive:
    git clone
  3. run installation of dependencies
  4. install sox : SoX - Sound eXchange download |
  5. run google console and api text to speech (as in the file)
    save the access file in the private/api-key.js directory

edit the asterisk.json and asterisk2.json files in the “demo” directory, as You wish

run the robot: -j demo.asterisk.json

and you are done… you have the missing files and VoiceMail and Speaking Clock are working

Ta da!

digits copy into: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/[language]/digits
and vm copy into:

I would love to test it, I have while without touching Python, I think the instruction for Linux is jus clone the git project and run these command on the following order,

1 # python3 -m venv venv

2 # ./venv/bin/activate

3 # ./install/

4 ./

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