Creat to do list healthcheck voip system

Hi every body
Now I have a voip system with 2 element: kamailio and asterisk
I want to make sure my system work smooth, so I creat to do list to healthcheck of my voip system: check storage, check process asterisk or kamailio, check ram, check connect to my ISP, I haven’t experience for this problem, so i think my to do list not enough, so if anybody have experience for my problem please give some additional idea for my to do list
Thanks every body

The list of options is endless. I would start with getting a base line and then creating a alerts for anything “out of bounds”. Some of the things we check.

  • Is Kamailio and Asterisk alive.
  • Is Kamailio and Asterisk responding to SIP OPTIONS.
  • Ram usage for Asterisk and Kamailio.
  • Ram usage over all on the box.
  • Process count for Asterisk and Kamailio.
  • Process count over all per box.
  • Over all disk space usage on the box.
  • SNMP checks on each drive for the health.
  • SNMP checks for health of the array (if any)
  • Load average on the box
  • CPU usage for Asterisk and Kamailio.
  • How many users are ssh’d into the box.
  • Ping test to multiple core IP’s (, etc.)
  • Raid array health check (Manufactures like Dell have commands you can run to check.
  • How many concurrent calls are there.
  • How many channels are in use (different than calls).
  • How many PJSIP channels are in use (vs chan SIP, Dahdi etc.)
  • How many threads are running for Asterisk and Kamailio.
  • How many handsets are registered with Kamailio
  • Is the box listening for ssh sessions.
  • Is the process managing the fw on the box running.
  • If using mysql, apache etc to the same as above.
  • NF Contrack count
  • Bandwidth usage on each Ethernet interface.
  • Check each Ethernet interface for errors.
  • Netstat for each process (Asterisk, Kamailio etc.)

Hi Dovi thanks for your reply
Your answer help me very much

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