CPU hardware specification

Hello All,

I have plan to build a new Asterisk box with all features are enabled (IVR, Call Recording, Voicemail, CDR …etc)
I would use Digium AEX2404E (16 port FXO) and it would have 100 extensions and 100 PINs inside…

my questions is: what CPU hardware specification should I use?

is it enough with XEON quad core, 8GB of RAM, 500GB SATA RAID 1?

could any body please advise?

many thanks in advance


You don’t spec out an Asterisk machine by the number of extensions on it, you spec it out by the number of simultaneous calls on it. Since you speak of a 16 port FXO card, I’m guessing that you’ll want to support at least those calls plus 20-30 VOIP calls extension to extension. The box you speak of, the quad Xeon, will most defintely handle it. It probably won’t even break a sweat.

is there any benchmark for sizing the CPU for running Asterisk with some features enabled?

please advise

Not really, no. It’s not typically a practical exercise.