Coverting dialed number into a name


I want to convert a dialed number into a name. The name should be out of the “callerid” from sip.conf.

I dial “18” on my phone. The callerid from “18” is “Bastian Mustermann” (sip.conf). So my phone should convert during the call process “18” to “Bastian Mustermann” in my display instead of displaying “18”.

Is it possible? I allready “played” with SendText() but untill now I couldnt get it working.



This would be Called Party Identification. There is currently a patch on the bug tracker for this.

Or if some phone directory does this than what you want would work.

i’d be interested to know what success people have with this patch and with which phones. i’ve compiled it here on 1.2.14 and have had no joy with a Snom 360, Aastra 9133i or with X-Lite on Windows.

A patch was just updated on this bug for trunk yesterday. Not sure how well it works though.