Count Of IVR Calls

How can we find out the number of calls responded/attended by the IVR. The customer wants to know the count of the IVR calls over a period of 1 month. In our case, when digit 3 is pressed by the caller, sound prompt is played and the caller then presses the desired DTMF. How can we get the trace of the number of calls attended by the IVR?


Asterisk doesn’t have IVR’s, only tools for creating them. Without the details of how you have implemented them, it is not possible to give more than a general answer, which is to do one of the following:

  1. use locking and database operations, in the dialplan, to increment a counter;

  2. analyse CDRs, possibly adding custom fields or generating intermediate ones;

  3. analyse channel event logging output.

If you didn’t write the dialplan that implements the IVRs you should contact the implementor. If this relates to FreePBX, you could also try their community support forum:

Add a custom CDR value right before sending the calls to the IVR

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