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I am a real estate agent and need to be able to do a lot of things on the go… so i have an idea of how i want to setup an asterisk server but i need someone to tell me is its even theoretically possible, and if not bring me down to earth. So here i go.

I have a computer in my car already that i use for various thing so that is what ill be using for this project.

1st) I’d like to be able to fax while in my car by routing the fax to the asterisk sever at home then though the fax line. (I have a hard fax line)

2nd) I want to be able to route different incoming numbers to different phones.

3rd) I’d like to set up an 800 or toll free number, that would go to a soft-phone in the car. And I also need a call capture feature with the toll free number. So that id have a database of all the people that have called it.

4th) I also want to be able to make standard calls from the car. but with the ability to switch the number it comes from. (i have a service to get the plan and phane numbers from already. “Broad Voice”)

There are a couple other things id want to be able to do but these are the main once, and are listed in order of importance.

I would appreciate all the help i could get here. And please if you wound’t mind leaving your email for further questions. (i promise not to pester you lol)

  1. Faxing over IP is not the best way to go. I would suggest you use something like efax for out bound faxes from your car.
  2. Not a problem. You can create an IVR. Not hard at all to do.
  3. A) I would make sure your internet card in your car can handle it. Many cant. I know that in the US some providers purposely block the SIP ports (but you can just set asterisk to listen on a different port :wink: ). Also you need good speeds + latency on mobile cards are not that good. It has worked for me but it has some issues.
    B) To log the calls you can either go through the CDR’s or write an agi that will log every call that comes in on the toll free number in to a data base.
  4. If your VOIP carrier allows it then you can. On my system I have it set that if I dial 1+number it shows caller ID X. If I dial 2+number it shows CID Y. Another note regarding Broad Voice YGWYPF (You Get What You pay For). I don’t mean to speak bad about them but IMHO they are not the way to go. Also from when I looked last you can not port out a number from them.

then who would you recommend over broadvoice?

I have worked with before they have worked well for me. Also try

I have tried the mobile softphone and the ONLY way i was able to get any kind of decent call quality was by using G.729 which you have to pay for… and even then it wasnt always perfect.

broadvoice will NOT allow you to stuff caller ID on outbound calls.

for faxing it might almost be easier to have a shared network all in one device and a VPN from your car to your home and fax outbound that way. inbound I would use efax or such… in fact a VPN would also eliminate the NAT issues that are surely to arise from using an air-card in the car to your home network.