Could not here voice, being in the same subnet

I am using two virutal machines each in different PC’s (PC-1 Windows (vm-ubuntu12.04), PC-2 Windows server 2008 (vm-ubuntu 12.04). I have connected 2 windows PC’s to the switch and each VM to their respective hosts using bridge adapter and all the 4 four are able to ping each other. There is no routing. i.e all the 4 are in the same subnet. I have configured asterisk server and one sip in one of the ubuntu machines, and other sip in other PC. both are registered sip’s. I am able to make the calls hear the ring sound but when picked could not hear the voice. If further information needed please let me know.


Probable firewall problem. Otherwise provide sip debug output for the complete invite transactions on both legs.

If you want good audio quality VM, read the paper at … 99035.aspx and make sure your VM’s comply.