Could joined two trunks in asterisk?

Suppose you have two different sip trunk with this options:
T1 with 5 channels
T2 with 5 channels
Now, Do we could joined two trunk with together with new name and 10 channels. like this:
T3 with 10 channels

my means is look like channels in E1 (dahdi card), that we could set some channels in one group and other in another group.
Thank with regards.Mespio

I don’t think you can join 2 trunks in one new single trunk. But If you want use the 5 channels available of each trunk you can write a fail over dial plan using the hangup cause and dialstatus variables and GotoIf logic.

Yes, we could, but in this regard the first trunk is in the first order and if failover is occurred, the second trunk is run. I want have balance between two trunk. What do you do?

Store state in astdb or global variables. Note that you won’t get balance between channels with single dahdi trunk, either.

You could also hash the source or destination number to choose the order in which you searched for a a trunk with free capacity.

Yes, we could use AstDB in dialplan to balance between two trunk channels. Thnak you for guide :smile: