Corrupting of Asterisk Database

we are having problem with our asterisk database that it looses its content in few minutes after the working Asterisk database has been imported which makes our whole Telephone System behave strangely.
For the solution we did following things:

  • have updated PBX from Debian Wheezy to Stretch.
  • restoring the database of a working version
    But none of these solution stopped corrupting asterisk database.

We have following Versions:
Asterisk Version: 13.14.1
Sqlite Version: 3.27.2

Could anyone please help out with this problem?

Divya Soni

Have you try updating the libsqlite3-dev package and also does this happen on the Asterisk LTS version ?

libsqlite3-0:amd64 Version: 3.27.2 and Asterisk 13.X is LTS.

I think the point is that Asterisk 13 isn’t supported any longer.

Hi all,

Coworker from @dsoni here.
Today in the evening we will Update Debian Stretch to the current release Buster.
Therefor the asterisk server will be updated to 16 LTS.
Afterwards I will restore again the backup of our working AstDB and let you know if we are still losing astDB entries.

I have updated from Debian Stretch to Buster. Asterisk was updated to Asterisk 16.2.1~dfsg-1+deb10u2.
I restored our “working” copy of the AstDB. After some seconds the AstDB was corrupt again.
I have deleted the sqlite3 database and let Asterisk create a new sqlite3 database.
I have added all the entries from our working copy to the newly created AstDB.
The newly created AstDB seems to be stable.

Probably something in our “working” copy was fishy.

@dsoni Please mark this as solved.

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