Core show globals "missing"

Greets all.

I’m running asterisk 1.6.x and have hit a snag. While using CLI and the commad “core show globals” I get this:

CLI tab completion looks like this:

sushi*CLI> core show [hit tab] application applications calls channel channels channeltype channeltypes codec codecs config file function functions help hint hints image license profile settings switches sysinfo taskprocessors threads translation uptime version warranty

Anyone else having this problem?


Try “dialplan show globals”

It was renamed 3 years ago without keeping the existing syntax for backward compatibility

@malcolmd: Thanks a ton! That did the trick.

@thor: The really strange thing here is that “core show globals” works just fine on 3 other installs (RHEL 5.5) but fails in my development environment (CentOS 5.5)

I think the revision was never pulled back from trunk to the existing branches.
1.4 and 1.6.0 still use core show globals.
1.6.1 and above have the new version.