Core show calls during active shutdown


Hello all,

This may be a simple question, but I haven’t been able to find any information about it, so I’ll go ahead and ask.

I recently began working with Asterisk 13 after working with Asterisk 11 for some time. With Asterisk 11, I was able to run commands such as “core show calls” and “core show channels” during a graceful shutdown. Now that I’ve moved to Asterisk 13, whenever I try and execute those commands during a shutdown, I get a message, “command can not be run during active shutdown”. Is there a setting that will allow commands during an active shutdown, or is that just something that isn’t possible with Asterisk 13?

I’ve looked at the change logs from Asterisk 12 and 13, but didn’t see any mention of this feature being changed or removed.


The change was done as a result of ASTERISK-25825[1] to solve some crashes that were occurring during shutdown when executing AMI or CLI commands. There’s no option to disable that functionality.