Cordless IP Phones with Headset Mic Volume Control

I have used my Jabra headset with various portable phones and have experienced callee’s complaining about low volume levels. I would like to keep using it, but obviously need a cordless phone that has outgoing volume control. Is there such a thing?

I realize that it needs an amplifier capability, but the only somewhat-portable one is the Plantronics M12. It would be a pain to carry around.

I didnt realize that there was hardware section on this forum. Now I see it, but I 'm not sure what it is exactly your question

The important part is “need a cordless phone…”. Please let me know which parts are confusing to you and I might be able to help you.

Only cordless phone I have used was grandstream a while a go, but dont like it cordless phone quality was not quite good, mybe now is better

Yeah, waiting to hear back from them. We’ll see.