Coonecting Multiple mobiles with Asterisk

Does Asterisk support:

  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Multiple Mobiles
  • Multiple PSTN Phone lines
  • Call forwarding
  • Answering Machine
  • SMS Alerts
  • Voice recording
  • Call conferencing
  • Predictive dialers

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Software mobile PBX Outgoing Call/SMS routing software?
I am an small business Enterprise i just want to start local traveling for local numbers in a city or town I am new to asterisk or such PBX or predictive dialer. I just want tostart with 2-3 seat marketing calling for my business in local basis

  1. I want to connect multiple mobiles through my pc and make my pc work as a PBX to automatically route
    a. OUTGOING calls/
    b Outgoing SMS
    according to filters (programmed logics) in the software (giving which call to divert with whcih sim/mobile) with
    the multiple mobile phone connected so that i can route respected Phone subscribers call with their own network. For it the software should connect multiple mobile Phone modems through pc and dial the mobile through SIM and route the respected calls from the respected phone it can be type of Predictive dialers for mobile phones to

  2. In the same way i want another software or hardware which can connect multiple sims and divert incoming calls to the respected intercom numbers and make my pc Work as EPBAX

  3. Thirdly i the same manner i want another Computer as server to route the incoming calls answering machine (computer Recorded Message) and redirect (forward) the call to the respected seat (agent) or respected mobile and make a conference form another mobile

Any one can tell me the software or solution for my problem kindly do advice me some solutions for the same its urgent
Except asterisk you can advice me any other solutions to
thanks in advance ur suggestions are welcomed

Asterisk support all selection in your survey. But in someone you need to create scripts.