Controlling lights (multi i/o hw in gereral) with asterisk


i am fed up running around the house to switch on/off various lights or have my remote control left home for the electric gate etc. and opening it by hand. is there anything that works with asterisk so that i can use a sip phone (or any outside phone via DISA) to dial for example *81 to trigger an output of a multi i/o card or adapter ? i would obviously be looking at something like a 8 or 16 port multi i/o usb adapter, pci card or i2c device to use for example *80 - *87 for 8 outputs.

i know controlling the hardware directly is obviously a bit difficult, but something more general to set a value in a mysql database true/false or create/delete a file somewhere. in that way i could easy make almost anything happening with the asterisk system.

dreaming…, is there was way to change the state on an extension via command line ? just thinking of above with a phone like Linksys SPA962 where i could have a green or red button with the BLF function depending on a file existing or not or true/false value in a mysql database etc.

any input is very welcome !


x10 is the way to go here

heres a couple of articles … iskAndX-10 … world.html

hi ianplain,

absolutely brilliant. i have not read about the system command before, it is exactly what i am looking for !!

thanks a lot pointing me in the right direction