Continue Dialplan after Voicemail()

Hello. I have a problem when use Voicemail app at the dialplan.

My dialplan is like this:


When I’m ringing at the exten the System() and HangUp() called only when I don’t Hangup phone myself. If I hangup phone by myself I see last exten is Voicemail at the console.

So… I set new exten

Then I change same=>n,System(<somescript>) same=>n,Hangup()


same=>n(system),System(<somescript>) same=>n,Hangup()

But it does not effect. If I hangup call dial plan does not go to “h” Exten…

h should run. You need to turn up the debugging and verbosity levels to try and work out what is going wrong.

The jump to h should be independent of the Application for normal applications (I think Dial has some special code).