Contexts in Asterisk 1.7.1

I am new to Asterisk, and trying to make 2 contexts Sales and Technical for example.
as the extensions in the first context can not reach extensions in the second one and there are common numbers between both.
any help please;
I’ve tried the custom context plan but all extensions sees each other!
So any help, link, steps I would be grateful
thanks in advance.

There is no version 1.7.1. The 1.6 series was followed by the 1.8 series.

Your problem seems to be associated with a GUI.

For basic Asterisk, either repeat the extensions in both contexts, or use an

include =>

line in both to a context with the common extensions.

You are operating a strange organisation that wants to use technical measures to restrict communication between technical and commercial people, or is this homework!

As a simple example, let’s imagine we have two companies sharing an Asterisk server.
If we place each company’s voice menu in its own context, they are effectively separated
from each other. This allows us to independently define what happens when, say, extension
0 is dialed: people pressing 0 at Company A’s voice menu will get Company
A’s receptionist, and callers pressing 0 at Company B’s voice menu will get Company
B’s receptionist.

that’s from the Asterisk pdf and that’s exactly what I want to do … no less no more.