Context Loop limit


i have been informed that asterisk 13 has a built in context loop limit. To my understanding asterisk 13 will only allow a call to loop in the same context 7 times before the call is disconnected. Please can I have confirmation that this is the case?



I guess there is no such issues or loop limit as I have not faced this loop limit on my Ast box 13


AFAIK nope, they aren’t limitations as I told you in the other thread asterisk doesn’t provide any dialplan if you are usng FreePBX it is the FreePBX dialplan which are doing that. You can have a trapped call forever(or until caller hangup the call) in a loop.

Thank you for the reply, FreePBX seams to provide me with allot of in accurate information.


Weird, I don’t know who is telling you that but usually the admins are really cool and helpful. They have a lot of knowledge in asterisk, probably is a semantic issue or miscommunication.