Contacts database integration

Hi, we are using asterisk with great satisfaction, but … now we need to have a shared contacts database.

We already have a public folder (type contacts) in our Exchange server.

Is it possible to have it sync with an asterisk contacts db (or phone, we use softphone x-lite + hardware phones mgcp compatible).

we’d like to have 2 results:

  1. contacts usable from phone, so we don’t need to look for phone numbers every 2 minutes

  2. cid associated to contacts when somebody calls

Any idea on how to do it?

We are available to use a “non sync” solution -> a manual solution like periodically exporting from exchange and importing somewhere …



I do not completely understand your project.

Did you figure it out? If not, describe it more.


i think he want what my boss want me do, it’s a shared contact’s database, viewed by any means (php C++ appli) and when you click on the ‘call’ button asterisk call that person and pass the call to you

Yes, it’s what i need


Click to call and caller id info are quite simple to do with Asterisk and Sugar CRM or Vtiger CRM, you can find info about just googling the web; I think it’s harder integrate Asterisk with Exchange.