Console transfer with ALSA SOLVED!


When the OSS module is loaded the command ‘console transfer’ is available.
But when I load the ALSA module the ‘console transfer’ command is not available.

Is there a reason for this???

This is my reason for accomplishing this:

  • A customer calls
  • The attendant answers the phone.
  • Customer asks for salesman “John”
  • Salesman John is not behind his desk
  • Attendant dials extension 1881 which connects to console/DSP
  • Attendant can announce through the speakersystem that there is a
    customer on the phone for salesman John.
  • Attendant then has to transfer the customer to salesman John.

But accidentally transfers customer to the console/DSP
So, the attendant needs to get the customer back from console/DSP where the customer accidentally has transfered to.

Help is very much appreciated.

Hendrik van der Ploeg
Linux Administrator
The Netherlands

ok guys,

Some extra info;

When I give the command;

“core show channeltype console”

It gives the following ouput:

– Info about channel driver: Console –
Device State: no
Indication: yes
Transfer : no
Capabilities: 64
Digit Begin: no
Digit End: yes
Send HTML : no
Image Support: no
Text Support: yes

You can see the line 'transfer: no’
Is it possible to set this to ‘yes’

Adding “transfer=yes” to the alsa.conf didn’t help

Anybody suggestions?

Best regards,

Hendrik van der Ploeg
The Netherlands
Linux Administrator


After torturing my braines for 24 hours I came up with an solution.

This is the context to dial to the Alsa console and make announcements through the speaker system throughout the whole building.

exten => 1881,1,Answer
exten => 1881,2,Dial(console/dsp,A(beep))
exten => 1881,3,Hangup()

Below is the extension + extra context to get the ALSA console backup to your own phone;

[b];Extension to dial to start getting the console back

exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN})

Me is very happy :laughing:


Hendrik van der Ploeg
Linux Administrator
The Netherlands