Connection and conversion(is this possible)

Hi!!! I would like to ask if this connections are possible. I have a server A which uses h.323(Mediaring Voizbridge) and it uses g723 for transmission. My server B is an asterisk box with h.323 modules. My server C is an asterisk box w/o h.322 mdoules. My question is this. Is it possible to connect my server A to server B and connect server B to A. Can I route calls from server A and B which server B uses the H.323 to connect to server a. And server B would pass the calls to server a using sip or iax2?The codec that server A and B will use will be g723.1. But the codec that my server be will accept g711. Is there any conversion betwen server b and c? Is this possible? Can somebody please help, cause I can’t realyy figure this one out. Thanks


you’re confusing youself there ! you seem to say A at times when you mean C.

i’m guessing you meanServer A <--> H323/G723 <--> Server B <--> IAX2/G711 <--> Server C
in theory it looks OK, but you’ll obviously need to see how much this puts Server B under before making it “production”. have you even tried this yet ?

Yah your’re right on the setup. I may have mistype the server’s idnetification. I haven’t tried this yet. But If this going to work without a problem I may try this one out on our test servers first before putting it to production.Is there any conversion on the codecs? Thanks, by the way.


yes, on Server B at the CLI CLI > show translation will show you the cost of translation between codecs.