Connecting to Avaya CM 2.2.122 using IP Softphone "NO A

Our S8700 lives (NETRGN 13_ from an IP Softphone in Road Warrior mode or when dialing from NETRGN 13 to an Asterisk Server on the same subnet I get signalling but no Audio. When I dial any other phone on the PSTN or a Phone at a remote site, calls work perfectly, also when dialing from IP phone to IP phone in NETRGN 13 call work fine. Config details: S8700 VLAN 189, NETRGN 13. IP Phones VLAN 59 NETRGN 13, IP Softphone VLAN 10, NETRGN 13, CLAN cards VLAN 189 NETRG 250 (the intervening region for all regions: I also have included a trace of a call:
09:51:13 active station 28193 cid 0x3618
09:51:13 G729A ss:off ps:20 rn:13/1
09:51:13 xoip: fax:off modem:off tty:off uid:0x8b30 cid:0x3618
09:51:14 dial 3500# route:UDP|AAR
09:51:14 term trunk-group 9 cid 0x3618
09:51:14 dial 3500# route:UDP|AAR
09:51:14 route-pattern 997 preference 1 cid 0x3618
09:51:14 seize trunk-group 9 member 2 cid 0x3618
09:51:14 Calling Number & Name NO-CPNumber NO-CPName
09:51:14 Proceed trunk-group 9 member 2 cid 0x3618
09:51:14 G711MU ss:off ps:20 rn:250/1
09:51:14 xoip: fax:PT modem:PT tty:US uid:0x50002 cid:0x3618
09:51:14 G711MU ss:off ps:20 rn:13/250
09:51:14 G711MU ss:off ps:20 rn:250/13
09:51:14 active trunk-group 9 member 2 cid 0x3618

This is very disturbing as to why this works thsi way, the trunk group used is h.323 and not SIP! Does this need to be changed over to SIP?