Connecting router VoIP to Asterisk

I’m trying to connect my router VoIP (Linksys SPA2102) to Asterisk but I am not even receiving any messages in my Asterisk console. Of course in configuration site of my device I can see information that registration failed.
It’s kinda strange because when I try to connect to my provider registration is successfull. So I have no idea what am I doing wrong.
I’m also disturbed by the fact that I have to put ip adress I want to connect to “Proxy” label. I’m not even quite sure what proxy is but I have a feeling that this is a source of my problem.
I’d appreciate any help. :smile:

And of course I’ve made an appropriate SIP trunk, but even without it I should’ve get some errors in my Asterisk console, right?

Did you check the verbositly level? It should be atleast 3 to get some good info from the console …

Mr Mario can you please enable sip debugging on the machine. Please log into asterisk CLI with “asterisk -rvvvvvvv” . Then type “sip set debug on” . Now connect the device (s) and paste the results there. If any type of communication is occurring it will show here definitely.

Thanks for the suggestions, but that’s the main problem: Asterisk doesn’t show ANY messages even with verbosity level at 7. Other devices in my network are working fine with Asterisk so I don’t think this is firewall fault.

No messages at high verbosity means that the problem lies outside Asterisk, as Asterisk is not receiving any packets. That does strongly indicate a firewall problem.

To further confirm this, turn on sip debugging (or debugging for the VoIP technology in use).

Well, it’s really strange - I’ve just used tcpdump and it turns out that I do receive packets to computer with Asterisk. I really don’t know why Asterisk doesn’t see it.