Connecting Asterisk to existing KSU

Hello all,

Our office is currently using a comdial digital KSU. I have found a device (ati-d) made by comdial which allows connection of industry standard telephone gear to the digital ksu.

I would like to be able to setup a remote extension at my house to work at home. I would like to have my secretary at the office be able to transfer calls to me at home just like any other extension number.

I’m thinking that I could do the following:
[ul]1. take the analog output from the ati-d and run that into a FXO card in an asterisk box
2. Program the asterisk to pass the incoming calls directly to an extension.
3. Program the asterisk to sieze the outside line when that extension is picked up.
4. Program the KSU for primary intercom on that station port so when the phone is picked up on home end, you get an intercom dialtone from the KSU.

Does anyone have any suggestions/comments about this proposed solution?

Thanks for your help,