Connecting a Network Camera to Asterisk?

I am a Asterisk newbie. I have a snall Asterisk configuration running in my home.
Now, I have connected a Network camera to my configuration. Like most Cameras, he will send a emailnotification (Alarm)
when motion is detected. I am thinking about a way to pick up this email and then also make a phone Call to my Mobile Phone !?
That means that if I am out travelling, I will receive a call to my mobile from home and then I could make an Internet connection to my camera and view the “situation” at home.


in the first place, let the camera send notification email to your asterisk box.

then in /etc/aliases, you defne a command to be executed upon receiving the email. eg your-email-address: |your-dialout-script

the dialout-script can simply drop a .callfile in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing to dial your mobile number.

hope it helps.


Hi !
thanks for trying to help me …
I am running Ubuntu (A newbie even here) and I think that Postfix is installed.
So, I will add a command in aliases, will study the Postfixmanual how to do, right ?

Here I am again … I have made modifys to aliases :

postmaster: root : “|sh /home/lennart/call”

(my script works fine)

I have tried to integrate gmail in Evolution following some documentation I found but so far it does not work !
I probably have done some major configuration errors.
I run Ubuntu version 10.04

Hi, has anyone found a way of conecting a standard IP network camera into Asterisk as an extension (calling in via sip video phone to see the camera). I have already done this with a Grandstrem SIP camera, however I wondered if there was a way with VLC etc that this could be done with the standard Non Sip IP cameras ?