ConnectedLine unknown when Originating call with AMI

Asterisk 18.6.0 Freepbx
We Originate a call through AMI interface (using Asternet).
After login, Asternet sends to ami this action:

Action: Originate
ActionID: 21591587_4#
Account: 38230206
CallerId: 841
Channel: SIP/841
Context: from-internal
Exten: 0348xxxxxx
Priority: 1
Async: false
Timeout: 30000
Variable: __SIPADDHEADER51=Call-Info:<sip:>\;answer-after=0

after this we see

We see in our FOP2 (a tool to manage call centers) that the extension is unknown, even if the mumber is called regularly.
We used to work on an old Asterisk (maybe 1.7) and the same originateAction worked perfectly.
I understand that many nthings have changed since.
What could we do wrong?

There never was an Asterisk 1.7. I think connected line was introduced in 1.8.

Given the way that originate works, I would expect, even on the Asterisk 1.8 implementation, for connected line to be unknown at the point where the A side had been created but not called. With originate, the extension is not called until the A side has answered, and I’d question whether you really had a connected line, unless and until the dialplan had created an outgoing channel and that had been answered, although, I suppose, it could use the extension number as a provisional value.

Hi David,
thanks for your reply.
I am not sure of the old version, for sure it’ll be 1.8. Anyway ti’s an old version.
I have to say tha I am not an expert, and I am likely to tell things imprecisely.
The unknown field ConnectedLine is our guess. What we see is that watching calls in FOP2 (we talked with them, they only show what Asterisk emits) we see for a certain extension that the called number is an s or more often Unknown.
We set asterisk debug to 99 and tried to understand what happens but no way.
We see the extension sent correctly, the number is called, and then it becomes s@something, and then in Fop we see Unknown.
I really don’t know how to debug it.
MAybe Asterisk logs could help?
Thanks in advance

If you really wanted to, you could set the CONNECTEDLINE information using the Variable functionality. As for FOP2, I don’t think many people here understand what it uses/how it works internally.

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