Connect to next waiting caller in queue

Does anyone know how to configure Asterisk so you can pick up the next person waiting in a Queue by dialling an extension but without becoming a member of that queue

I would like to be able to do something like
exten=>444,n,connectToHead caller(somequeue)
;This is the imaginary function I’m looking for which connects you to the next waiting caller

btw … I’m not looking for remote agent login e.g

Since I don’t want the person to become an agent or be rung back rather I want them to instantly connected to next waiting caller if one exists.

That’s more complexity than what the Queue() app offers.

You might consider the ChannelRedirect() app to move people out of the Queue(). But you’d need to track who went into the Queue (what channel they were on), possibly in the internal Asterisk DB using the DB() function, in order to know who to redirect out of the Queue and into a direct connection with the person dialing the customized extension number.

Thanks for your reply.

ChannelRedirect has set me on the right line
I’ve followed your advice and tried something along these lines:

;People call this extension and are placed in a queue
exten=>1234, Queue(SOMEQ)

;call this extension to pick up people from the queue

;people can be transfered out of this queue to this temporary parking extension
;when the ChannelRedirect cmd is called

It seems to kind of work (for 1 caller) but I haven’t the faintest idea how to make it work for multiple callers in the queue i.e. so we always transfer out the head caller rather than some random person. Also 1 side Hanging up should hang up the other.

Any ideas?