Connect pabx to voip system


I would like to ask what are the procedure and what items do i need to connect my pabx to my voip system.

I have TES824 pabx and elastix 2.4.0 base on asterisk.

Any help and suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


Where is your VoIP system? You have specified two PABXes.

Details will depend on the capabilities of the non-Asterisk PABX, but Asterisk supports many VoIP and non-VoIP trunk types. The only problem you will have is if the other PABX uses a proprietary system.

Hi David,

Thank You for the reply.

The location of my VoIP (SIP) system and PaBX (PSTN) is in the same office (location).

My plan is to connect my VoIP (SIP) system to my PaBX (PSTN) and we can make a call on both side. Someone told me that i need a ATA card (FXS) to make a connection, do you have any idea what the procedure what i need to do or what items do i need to buy.

Thanks in advance.