Connect ISDN from PSTN Interface

Hi everyone

I connect 2 ISDN Lines from the PSTN Terminal Interface ( ab1 , ab2 ) .
The problem is when i have incomming call in one ISDN , both of the PSTN Terminal Interfaces ringing and the PBX rings two or more phones .

The first available person pickup the first line but the second person pickup nothing just tone .
Is there a solution for that event ?
Any ideas ?

Thanks in Advance

I found after communicate with my Tel Company that this cannot be done .

When you use the Telephon Company’s Teminal and take the lines from the PSTN Output ( 1 ISDN Lne = 2 PSTN Outputs ) then this lines is ringing together .

So i buy a openVox ISDN PCI Card and connect the ISDN Terminals from the ISDN Output Interface did the job .