Connect Asterisk 13 with Asterisk 1.8

Hi everyone,

How can I connect an Asterisk 13 to an Asterisk 1.8? I have to call from Asterisk 13 to an extension in the Asterisk 1.8.

In that extension, will already have a call in course and I will enter in a conference with them.


Create a SIP trunk between these 2 Asterisk servers (preferably using IP based authentication) and dial the extension through that trunk.

Hi @satish4asterisk,

But the version 13 use PJSIP and 1.8 use SIP. It be possible to do that with different tecnologies?


Yes, there won’t be any issue. Both versions are talking SIP no matter how you have configured them

They are different channel drivers but use same technology/protocol, SIP

So I just configure in sip.conf on asterisk 1.8 to asterisk 13 and on asterisk 13 to asterisk 1.8 with registration? Do you have any example?

It is better to use static addresses on both sides, and therefore no registration. If that is not possible, one must be static and the other register.

Could give me an example of sip.conf and pjsip.conf to done that?

I just gave a different user an example.

@johnkiniston It works! Thank you!

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