Connect 3 IVRs(1 master and 2 sub ivrs) using iax trunk and make sure just master will be able to record voice

Dear All,

I’m trying to make an IVR system like following Diagram

+-----------+                          +-----------+
| Master    | -----------------------> | App IVR   |
| IVR       |                          +-----------+
|           | -----------------------> +-------------+
+-----------+                          | Payment IVR |

This is the senario of usage:

  1. The master IVR will receive original call and redirects it to App IVR.
  2. App IVR do its purpose and returns an amount to Master IVR
  3. Master IVR redirects call with amount as IAX parameter to payment IVR
  4. Payment IVR do the payment and reads the needed information to caller and hangs up

Right now I successfully implemented payment IVR and App IVR. I also installed Master IVR and IAX trunks is successfully in place. But I couldn’t find any way for returning a call from App IVR to Master IVR

The whole point is I want to make it impossible for App IVR to record the payment data. I don’t want to redirect(using call) form App IVR to Payment IVR

Please help me to find a solution for this situation.

Thanks all in advance

I don’t want to be rude or something but you ask for help without posting anything from your dialplan.
Post what you have done and then wait for help, just describing things won’t get you anywhere. If the project is confidential you should pay for the help of a professional.

Thanks for your response. I’m new here and it seems that I missed the point I’ll update the question with needed information(dialplan, etc, …)