Conflicting filenames in media cache cause wrong prompts to play

Asterisk 18.16.0 on Debian 11 x64.

Faced with same issue
" We encountered a rare case in which asterisk would play a completely wrong audio file during {{Playback(http://)}}, but only for certain callers…"

I found patch from Nathan Bruning (nathanb) -
I didn’t see these comments in any of the branches.

Who knows if this patch will be accepted?
Or maybe someone used this patch - does it work?

We no longer use Gerrit, and the patch is not currently up on Github for inclusion. Until that happens it would not be included. Looking at the history there were also comments regarding the patch itself.

Could you please clarify the process to make it up for inclusion?

The original reporter would need to follow the updated contribution instructions[1] including signing the new contributor license agreement to place it onto Github, or someone would need to fix the issue themselves and do the same by placing it onto Github for inclusion.

[1] Code Contribution - Asterisk Documentation

By fix it themselves, I think Joshua means in a clean room environment, or at least in some other way that cannot be interpreted as copying the code.

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