Configuring SIP!

Hello everybody,

This is Leonard, and i am a newbie in Asterisk…

I have a small task project, i have a php page that it must send a request to an Asterisk server, the request should include a phone number provided in the php page, the Asterisk server will process that request “Dial the phone number provided using SIP protocol” and get some data from the user and send the response back to the php page.

I am reading the Asterisk e-book and i installed both the CentOS and Asterisk successfuly, but i have some problem regarding:

  1. Sending phone numbers from php page to an Asterisk server.
  2. Configuring Asterisk to catch requests from the php system.
  3. Configuring SIP on Asterisk “I have a SIP account”.
  4. Dialing phone numbers within Asterisk.

I know that is so much for a beginner in Asterisk to do, but i need your help, by the way, i have read about extension.conf and SIP.conf but still confused!

Any guide lines, useful articles, head lines and help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.