Configuring dahdi.conf on TE121B


 i am not able to make calls after configuring dahdi.conf on the TE121B series. the configuration seems to correct since it indicates that the channels 1-23 are active and in use. Getting error messages as " circuit ccongestion".

The status of the LED light on the PCI card is Red.

Please help

I have this problem with a TDM410P since upgrading to dahdi The problem occurs after each reboot. I have to restart dahdi manually, e.g.

pbx*CLI> core stop gracefully
$ sudo /etc/init.d/dahdi restart
Unloading DAHDI hardware modules: doneLoading DAHDI hardware modules:
   wctdm24xxp: done
Running dahdi_cfg: done.
$ asterisk


I also have this problem.

Has anyone any idea what is causing it?

I’ll take a look at changing the runlevel and see if that helps…

was set to start at 2 3 5

Have changed to 5 only - maybe some other service wasn’t running when required.

Try running dahdi_cfg -vv once or twice after the system boots.

Doesn’t work for me. :frowning:

Since I set start to runlevel 5 and stop to runlevel 6 I’ve rebooted and Dahdi started OK.

Not a rigourous test, but seems like it is the answer…