Configuring a Call-Back Service


I like to know if its possible to setup call-back service using Asterisk for non-voip phones such as Home telephones and mobiles phones.

And the connection is through the PSTN instead of VOIP technologies.

If this is possible has anyone tried or done it successfully before ?

Yes, this is possible in a number of ways. You may use an AGI that either writes a call file or connects the the Manager API and initiates an originate.

Search the wiki. Also asterisk is not limited to only using VOIP service providers. You can use asterisk with regular telephone lines.

I see… Thx! yea in fact i’m trying very hard searching the net to find someone who has done it before… very new to telephony and totally lost over the terms and how this thing works… and i don’t have voip services so I cannot try this program out.

anyway, if any other forum users can provide me with more info on how this can be done or even chanced upon any link that talks about it, please post it in this thread so that maybe other new users who have the same intention as me can read :smile:

Thx in advance guys!