Configure broken in 1.4.7+ for openh323

Hello all,
I was using 1.4.4 with no problems (the system is Gentoo Linux on AMD64 Opteron). Due to security issues I was asked to upgrade to 1.4.9.
The configure script in 1.4.9 (and 1.4.8, and 1.4.7) all fail to deal with openh323 correctly. From looking in config.log it appears to be trying to compile conftest.cpp with the wrong compiler options (or really no options at all). 1.4.4 worked fine, so did 1.4.6 which is what I settled on using.
This is the latest version of openh323 and pwlib.
Any suggestions?

I don’t use h323 but have noticed that it’s been broken when compiling. I just don’t compile it. So basically - yes, it’s been happening for a while. Sorry I can’t help.