Configure an extension that registers against kamailio via websocket

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In out current production enviroment extensions registers to asterisk via websocket and then asterisk manages everithing. We want to update this enviroment using kamailio as a proxy in order to manage failure events and balancing Invites.
I’ve manage to make kamailio work as needed for all SIP Trunks with providers and incoming/outcoming calls. But now i’m trying to make the user extensions register and work with kamailio (but it it’s being even harder than expected), there’s not a lot of documentation and with a complex scenario like this we know we’ll need extensive troubleshooting and testing before even launching it to pre

Thank you for keeping that in mind and reminding me that

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This weekend i solved it. I was curious about what does exactly the webrtc parameter on pjsip configuration and in this post in the wiki ( i found this
; Setting webrtc=yes is a shortcut for setting the following options:
; use_avpf=yes
; media_encryption=dtls
; dtls_verify=fingerprint
; dtls_setup=actpass
; ice_support=yes
; media_use_received_transport=yes
; rtcp_mux=yes

I setted the webrtc parameter back to null, and instead i configured all the parameters that it affects to the values shown in the post.
With this change i receive the 200ok to all the invites on my kamailio and it everything works as expected.

Thank you again for all your replies and feedback

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